Summer Nights Campaign

Summer 2012


SUMMER NIGHTS was the museum's first nighttime weekly programming offering. It was a family-friendly take on a festive night market, with Off the Grid gourmet food trucks, a beer and wine garden, live music, and dance lessons. I was responsible for concept through to execution in a variety of advertising and on-campus formats. In 2013 the concept was expanded beyond the summer season to the year-round FRIDAY NIGHTS.

Creative Direction  |  Identity + Mark  |  Graphic Design



Because the campaign had to launch well in advance of the programming itself (we wouldn't have any photography), the decision was made to capture the essential feeling with illustration. The inspiration for this design came from such disparate sources as the opening credits to the 60s sitcom BEWITCHED, the early 90s LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN title graphic, and the opening credits of THE BIG LEBOWSKI. I repurposed the skyline initially drawn for ALL OF US OR NONE / THE 1968 EXHIBIT and gave the buildings lit windows. The (now old) Bay Bridge also has string lights.

As used on sandwich sidewalk boards, and for program offerings.

In 2013, what began as only a summer offering was extended to year-round, becoming FRIDAY NIGHTS. The artwork was modified accordingly. This scene demonstrates how well the colors reflected the actual twilight sky around Lake Merritt.