Spanning the Bay (Oakland Airport)

May 25–September 7, 2012


SPANNING THE BAY as a juried exhibition of artwork exploring trade and tourism in the Bay Area—in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge—at Oakland International Airport I served as creative lead and exhibit designer on the project, providing wall elevations, concept and branding, and collateral.

Creative Direction  |  Identity + Mark  |  Illustration  |  Photography  |  Exhibit Design  |  Elevations  |  Graphic Design



The mark is an assemblage of artist's tools that represent the breadth of work entered into this juried show, from painting to sculpting, collage to photography. The tools form the world-famous profile of the Golden Gate Bridge.

In the first exhibit area (outside security), construction photos of the Golden Gate Bridge from the museum's collections, along with facts and figures, tell the amazing story of this engineering marvel.

The reader rail panels were fashioned as riveted girders in "International Orange," the color of the bridge. This custom elevation of the bridge includes measurements and other interesting specs.

The same background image and reader rails were used for both sides of the terminal walkway, with different historic photographs. The same story is also repeated in a slightly different format near Terminal 2.

Walkway between Terminal 1 and 2.

Terminal 2 enclosed cases.


The promotional giveaway postcard had a vintage 1930s feel, and leveraged ephemera from the museum's collections.