Playing with Fire: Artists of the California Studio Glass Movement

October 26, 2012–March 24, 2013


PLAYING WITH FIRE was developed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the studio art-glass movement in the United States. This 2,200-square-foot exhibit featured 32 works representing 22 artists in the Open Space 3 area of the GALLERY OF CALIFORNIA ART, and reinforced the Bay Area's prominence as a hotbed for the craft.

I served as the lead graphic designer on the project, providing concept and branding, exhibit graphics, advertising, and marketing collateral.

Creative Direction  |  Identity + Mark  |  Exhibit Design  |  Graphic Design



The California studio art-glass movement began in the 1960s, and the curator wanted a strong, visible tie to this era. Eames Century Modern was chosen to evoke Charles and Ray's work on Arts & Architecture magazine (which featured some of these glass artists). Custom modifications to the lettering provided fluid, connecting serif tails to connote the natural forms present in the process of glass blowing.

All of the gallery walls were a deep blue, isolating the white, floating modular walls in the center of the space.

The gallery space was intentionally minimalist in presentation. Graphic intrusion was minimal.

Emphasis was placed on the vibrant colors of the works in contrast with muted, bare platforms and walls. Text panels were designed as duotone in harmony with the wall color at the request of the curator; again, not to detract from the lively colors of the works.


The Primary campaign image featured a single work in a variety of format, scale, and focus.

Print ads for various outlets.