OMCA Holiday Campaigns



For the first time in the institution's history, it was decided to launch a campaign to specifically showcase the unique offerings available at the OMCAstore for the 2012 holiday season.

The first iteration focused on product photography, artfully shot by Torreya Cummings, in thematic groupings: whimsical (toys and games), artisanal (craft goods), local (small Bay Area companies), and exceptional (jewelry and other luxury goods). The second 2013 season of the campaign shifted to featuring museum visitors in the OMCAstore interacting with one another and with gift selections in hand.

Creative Direction  |  Concept + Branding  |  Graphic Design  |  Copy Writing + Editing



We wanted to stay away from stereotypical American Christmas colors. After exploring numerous jewel tone options, the palette was narrowed to four. Regal purple served as the primary for the overall campaign, as seen here on the 10th Street billboard.

Mint, navy, and chocolate supported the purple to become the basis for the BART transit ad series. Product was specifically grouped, arranged and shot to closely match these colors. 

BART transit ads.

The print ad series for newspapers and magazines featured slightly different product groupings and arrangements, but consistent within the initial four categories and colors.

In 2013, product photography was swapped out in favor of store patrons interacting in the space, as seen here on the 10th Street billboard.

2013 season print ads.

Second 2013 iteration of the 10th Street billboard.

The OMCAcafe was activated to wish our visitors Happy Holidays in three languages. The "whimsy widgets," as they came to be known, were a playful interpretation of falling snowflakes, again avoiding Christmas stereotypes. This allowed the imagery to stay up through New Years week as well.