Friday Nights Campaign



In 2013, the decision was made to re-brand FRIDAY NIGHTS @ OMCA, the museum's weekly programming offering. FRIDAY NIGHTS is a family-friendly take on a festive night market, with Off the Grid gourmet food trucks, a beer and wine garden, live music, and dance lessons. I was responsible for concept through to execution in a variety of advertising and on-campus formats.

Creative Direction  |  Identity + Mark  |  Graphic Design



The initial identity for what was first called SUMMER NIGHTS in 2012 was illustration based. Now that the program had been established for a few seasons, and had outgrown its initial summer-only run, it was time to use photography to showcase the experience in a more direct way. The Populaire typeface was chosen for its hand-rendered qualities to suggest craft, DIY, and playful whimsy.

Multiple photoshoots were conducted to capture the essence of the FRIDAY NIGHTS experience. This billboard faces traffic on 10th Street, where the Off the Grid food trucks stake their claim every Friday afternoon.

The initial campaign was launched in 2013 with three key words; HANG, EAT, and DANCE.

The Oak Street Plaza marquee for 2014 promoted our dance class offerings.

In the winter and spring of 2016, a new flight of creative launched with DIVE, BOND, JAM, MEET, CREATE, and EXPLORE.

JAM was chosen as the new lead creative for the 10th Street billboard.

Sidewalk signs were introduced at two key locations to orient visitors to the gallery offerings.

Chalkboards typeset with Friday Nights' Populaire are used by visitor services staff to list program offerings. A template was provided to staff to make it easy for them to mimic the lettering style of the typeface.

Large format banners were permanently installed at the 10th Street entrance to promote FRIDAY NIGHTS all week long.