ART 272 - experiential design I

In the fall of 2016, I developed an entirely new curriculum for this course from the ground up, focused on experiential design for the built environment broken into three segments: 25% Project 01 - Deconstruction (research project), 25% Project 02 - Reconstruction (redesign project), and 50% Project 03 - Construction (all-new design project).

Project 01 - Deconstruction

Students first research an existing experiential design solution within the built environment for the first quarter of the term. Retail, dining, entertainment, cultural, and educational venues are explored equally.

Casey Daw

Cadence Moffitt

Project 02 - Reconstruction

Students then select an existing solution to redesign for the second quarter of the term.

Cadence Moffitt

Alicia Marchese

Project 03 - construction

The remaining half of the semester, students are tasked with designing their own project from scratch. Final deliverables are in presentation board format, and include identity / brand standards, overall graphic language, floorplans and elevations, furnishings and décor, supporting collateral, and digital in situ visualizations.

Cadence Moffitt

Griffin Moss

Rosalyn Gray

Justin Hoffman

Chelsey Flores

Kayla Duclos