All of Us or None (Oakland Airport)

March 31–August 19, 2012


ALL OF US OR NONE included an extension at OMCA's gallery spaces at Oakland International Airport. The concept, identity and branding all followed, as well as the exhibit design. Rather than attempting to mirror the gallery representation at OMCA, the monage wall treatments of the entry spaces were expanded into the overall presentation. I served as creative lead and exhibit designer on the project.

Creative Direction  |  Identity + Mark  |  Illustration  |  Exhibit Design  |  Elevations  |  Graphic Design


The gallery spaces at Oakland International Airport consist of numerous bays clustered in three areas. This is the introductory space just before entering security in Terminal 1.

The reader rail text panels utilized the skyline device developed for the primary exhibit.

Different seamless digital wall textures—new brick, old brick, concrete, and wood paneling—were assembled from photos I took around downtown Oakland. The curator grouped posters by topic—labor, public health, identity politics / culture, and the environment / ecology.

All the posters were reproduced on paper and then hand-applied to the walls. These bays are between Terminal 1 and 2.

The wall elevations only specified general relative positioning. I wanted the actual placement to feel more organic and "in the moment," so actual dimensions were not provided on my elevations. For those posters on a wood paneled background, we used a real staple gun to suggest placement "in the wild."

These enclosed cases are near Terminal 2. The texture here is a backyard wood fence with blue sky above, as all these posters relate to the environmental movement.