ART 370 - Intermediate / Advanced Experiential + Interaction Design

In the spring of 2017, I developed an entirely new curriculum for this course from the ground up, focused on an exhibit design project in two parts: 50% in-gallery experience for the built environment and 50% in-gallery experience for either mobile, tablet, or other fixed digital device. After conducting some research, students select and artist for a solo exhibition and a museum to host the show (this can be any creative practitioner; visual artist, musician, designer, architect, dancer, actor, poet, etc). The student must name the exhibit, provide the identity and brand standards, write the curatorial statement, and design all aspects of the gallery experience—from floor plan and elevations to digital in situs.

This represents half the term. The second half is devoted to the interactive aspects of the exhibit; on smartphone, tablet, large-format touch screen, etc. Final deliverables are in presentation board format. For the interactive component, students have the option of delivering design flats or as a live prototype either using InVision or exporting directly from Adobe Xd.